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Featured picture in Vazaar

Recently I’ve got a picture featured in Vazaar (yes, not Bazaar). It’s a picture I took 9 months ago when I was visiting Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland. It was a cold snowy day and the camp looked depressing, we were completely immersed in the darkness the sadness. I saw signs in the main entrance which read “HALT! STOJ!” with raw and bloody bones on it. Without much thought I took out my smena 8m and made my first shot in Poland.

After I went back to Prague two days later, I got my films developed and scanned. Though most pictures were out of focus (since there is only estimate focus on smena 8m), it turned out I shot 39 pictures in this roll, and fortunately this first one (numbered 00) was saved and surprisingly impressive! Since I was using cheap Fuji 100 film (wasn’t that cheap if you buy in Prauge), not much light is taken and color picture turned into b&w, adding sadness and vintage effect.

Auschwitz concentration camp

Original picture scanned from film (left) and after processing in lightroom (right)