Run Chicken Run

June 2009

Run Chicken Run is a game platform where user can interact with electric toy chicken by wearing input devices on elbows and then flapping arms. The faster user flaps, the faster the chicken runs. In this way, user interacts physically with the toy and socially with other players as well. The game platform consists of a wearable wing and a hacked electric toy chicken, which employs low-cost, readily available sensors, wireless modules, and microcontrollers.

This work has been submitted to UIST 2009 demonstration section and it partly contributes to my bachelor thesis project. This work was inspired by Flap to Freedom by ico design.


Ye Milan, Zhu Pengcheng, He Zhao


Fangtian Ying, Milan Ye, Pengcheng Zhu, Zhao He, Lining Yao, Yan Shi. Run Chicken Run: Physical metaphor augmented wearable movement-based interaction. In Extended Abstracts of UIST 2009. Paper Video

He Zhao. Integrating Augmented Sense Experiences Into Interactive Toys. Bachelor thesis, Zhejiang University, 2009. Abstract Slide


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