December 2015

ListCheckr is a modified Coca-Cola interactive vending machine as well as a web service to find out if you are naughty or nice in the year of 2015 based on your Facebook feed.

The installation was launched in Los Angeles, where visitors were encouraged to login with their Facebook account. A machine learning algorithm analyzed all posts throughout the entire year, and it would determine if the visitor was naughty or nice based on the language used on Facebook, time of day making posts, etc. Once the decision was made, the vending machine would dispense a 16 fl. oz Coke with either naughty or nice label on it.

Usually, vending machines use Multidrop bus (MDB) to accept payment and authorize vending. We designed an implemented a piece of custom hardware to override the Royal Vendors board, so that instead of talking to MDB, the vending machine was under our control to accept no payment and vend any drink we wanted.