Project LV

December 2008

This is a set of photographs with people carrying / holding / wearing famous French luxury brand Louis Vuitton as well as obvious fakes on flickr. All photographs were taken and uploaded by flickr users.

One thing I’ve recently noticed is that although China is not that a rich country, Chinese people are among the most potential consumers in expensive things, or rather, luxuries. It’s inevitable to see some young pretty ladies wearing the latest Prada shoes or a pair of nice Gucci sunglasses in the street. Also in shopping malls on weekends, there are always well-dressed people queuing in front of cash counters, waiting for swiping their credit cards on a several-thousands Yuan dress. As for people who can’t afford a genuine Gucci bag but still want one, they would probably choose to bargain on fakes. With less than one tenth of the original price, you can get a 99-percent-the-same-in-looking Gucci bag in night markets, so why not? Even my Czech friend bought three "Amarni" suits for himself and his family in his trip to China.

But what actually interests me is the passion people show on luxury goods and brands and material possessions. Thus I started this collaborated photography project to record this whole consumerism thing, and I named it Project LV, as most people regard Louis Vuitton, or in short LV, is a representative of luxury brands.

I have created a group on flickr where everyone can upload photographs of people with Louis Vuitton or other luxury brands. There is no specific rule for uploading photograph, no matter if it was taken with digital or film camera, no matter if it was clear or blurred, as long as there are people with Louis Vuitton goods in the photograph it is fine.



但真正让我感兴趣的,是人们对奢侈品、名牌和物质所表现出来的热情。 因此我策划了这个基于合作的摄影项目来记录这些消费主义,我把它命名为Project LV,因为大多数人将LV(路易·威登)看作最具代表性的奢侈品牌。


* 翻译:韩见