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Czech versus Poland

1. Czech cars wait very politely for people who are crossing the street , even when it’s not zebra line; Polish cars are driving much faster, seldom waits for people, seems like they drink too much vodka.

2. Czech people are used to seeing Asian people in the street, probably there are too many tourists from Japan and Taiwan, another reason is that, there are around ten thousand (1% of Czech population) Vietnamese living in Czech Republic, and some Czech don’t really like Vietnamese; In Poland, at least in Krakow, people are seems curious about Asians and kids try to speak English to us, I was even interviewed in front of camera by a group of students (or local TV?)

3. In a traditional Czech cuisine, dumplings are referred to something similar to Mantou (馒头) while in Poland’s Carrefour you could find real dumplings which is similar to Chinese ones.

4. Prague’s architectures make you feel art; Poland’s old buildings bring you illusion of war.

5. Czech beer usually contains 4% of alcohol and tastes bitter than Chinese ones; Polish beer contatins 5.6% of alcohol and Chinese beer is simply water if compared to Polish beer.

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  • Anonymous December 20, 2007, 11:39 pm