Organic Remote

November 2010


Organic Remote is conceptual design of a universal remote control with multiple-layout OLED buttons. it is organic in terms of organic appliance paring and use of organic light emitting diode (OLED).

Most universal remote controls have more buttons than average remote control in order to
function at different appliances, but sometimes the buttons are more than needed. For instance, you probably wouldn't need numpad for a radio (see these TV remotes from Bill Moggridge's Designing Interactions). Although touch screens may solve the problem of different button layout, but it lacks the tactile feedback as traditional remote controls. Organic Remote has a scalable panel that adds constrains to available buttons while keeping the tactile feedback.

Organic Remote automatically detects and pairs the appliance user points at, when
multiple appliances are detected, it gives possible options on the screen for user to choose. Since OLED is used for button display, each button can display different symbols and represent different functionalities, or rather, the layout of the panel can change. After pairing the appliance to the Organic Remote, only buttons that are requried for that particular device light up, user can then use Organice Remote as a normal remote control. With such constrain, the user has less choice on buttons so that he/she can find the desired button more quickly.


  • Organic device paring by pointing
  • Control layout change according to the current device
  • Displaying current track name and playing progress on the screen of remote
  • Numpad moved up for fast access
  • Customizable buttons for advanced users


Kuan-Lin Chiu, He Zhao, Wang Tianjiao